How to avoid getting lazy when medicating

by RedLion Doctors

Posted on March 18, 2018

One of the most prominate symptoms of medicating with medical marijuana, is laziness. Here's a quick thing to think about to help you through!

the biggest deturrent to getting lazy when smoking, eating or otherwise getting medical marijuana in your system, is knowing thats what happens when you use it. Just knowing you're going to want to eat everything and do nothing is sometimes enough to make sure it doesn't happen. It probably goes back to the old saying, " the first step to fixing your problem, is admitting you have one."

Now, there's nothing actually wrong with being a little lazy from time to time, but if you've got stuff to do you're goign to want to make sure you don't get sucked into the couch for the rest of the day! Some great ways of making sure you don't get too lazy, is if you can avoid indica based marijuana strains, that will help quite a bit. If however you need the specific indica effects for your ailement, then you may need more strategy. A few different studies show, that physically fit people experience less lazines when smoking medical marijuana as well. That last bit of advice almost goes without saying, " dont want to be lazy, get in shape!" its almost comical to say, but sometimes needs to be said.

Another tip, may be that if you can find the will to at least get the activity you have in mind started, you will find that once you're going to easier to keep going! If you can master this trick, then you'll soon be having fun doing the activity as the medicine will change the way it feels to do that activity, or before you know it'll you'll get the same kind of spaced out feeling while doing the activity, but at least you'll be accomplishing it! Just make sure you go back and check your work once you've sobered up a bit!

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Jack Harper
The couch lock is real! I've missed so much in my life just because its so hard to get up after most indicas haha!
Commander Shepard
Switching to sativa or a good hybrid will help
Commenter Name
Hi Commander! Is this your favorite blog on the citadel?
Commander Shepard
OG Kush is a good mix of indica and sativa, so if you need the healing or pain relief of indica but cant deal with the laziness, try OG Kush instead!
Food For Thought
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