Government Profiting Off Drug Tests?

by RedLion Doctors

Posted on January 10, 2018

The attourney general, Jeff Sessions, is ramping up the drugwar, which in turn is profitting off of drug tests.

There's another "gold rush" happening in the marijuana industry, and its not extracts, edibles or otherwise consumeable meds. Drug testing is now a 3 billion a year industry, where despite a growing number of states legalizing cannabis, business is currently booming. Companies are disregarding the medical aspects of cannabis and are still making it against "corporate policy" to be using medical marijuana while working for them.

Despite the fact that you don't need to be high on marijuana in that moment you're testing to prove dirty in your test for cannabinoids, companies are using that against their employees to force firings or to withold jobs all together. You can "pop dirty" on a urinalysis up to 3 months after using even the lowest amounts of cannabis, and if your employer catches wind of that, can terminate you regardless of if you're a medical patient or not.

" Marijuana Fuels the Opioid Epidemic. "(Study After Study Finds the Opposite.)

Attourney General Jeff Sessions

Some companies, now aware of these facts have been partnering with urinalysis businesses to send their employees for drug tests to pay with their own money. This, regardless of its obvious lack of morals, should be a direct violation of conflict of interest, but some companies aren't minding that so much. Companies like Du-Pont have even been recieving "kick backs" for sending their employees to these businesses for their drug screening. Now that medical marijuana is as popular as it is, many people are showing positive on their drug screening for marijuana.

More and more companies are teaming up with drug screening companies to screen their employees, because there is so much money in just getting their own employees tested. If you are a user of medical marijuana, make sure you're careful about your own job, as your own employer may be coerced into screening his or her own work force. You may get caught in the crosshairs of that gold rush in a bad way, and no one wants you to lose your job over someone else trying to make a dollar.

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Jack Harper
Just government just trying to steal from the population again. Nothing to see here besides corruption.
Commander Shepard
Jeff Sessions is just the worst kind of person.
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Hi Commander! Is this your favorite blog on the citadel?
Commander Shepard
Im Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite blog on the citadel.
Food For Thought
Drug testing is a $3 billion industry. With some facilities charging as much as $2,000 per specimin, they call it 'liquid gold.'