When will growing medical marijuana for ourselves be the norm?

by RedLion Doctors

Posted on March 3, 2018

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When will people be able to grow their own marijuana as easily as we're now able to buy it?

As the medical marijuana industry grows its roots further into the soil of American culture and business, many people are asking "why can't we grow our own?" Afterall, people are realizing the monopoly that dispensaries have on marijuana as a whole, and are seeing it as unfair and wrong they aren't even allowed to produce the plant themselves.

Dispensaries are required to hold medical marijuana to certain standards in order to legally sell it, but those standards are actually very lax, and not at all strict or difficult to reach. With that said, many people could easily grow it themselves, and save money or have access to the specific strains that dispensaries in their area may not have. The argument for patients could easily be, that since dispensaries don't have the certain strains that patients need on an individual basis, they should be able to grow it themselves. Afterall, there are thousands of different strains, many of which don't have the right qualities that patients need themselves. So long as dispensaries are limited in their supply, patients should have no issues with growing their own personal stashes.

" “Marijuana may not be addictive, but growing it is.”

The Godfather Of Medical Marijuana Ed Rosenthal

Growing medical grade marijuana can be quite difficult, which is why the prices for marijuana in dispensaries is the way it is. A typical cannabis plant's life cycle can be anywhere between 4 and 9 months long, costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars to produce. As of now in Arizona, patients need to live at least 25 miles away from the closest dispensary to be allowed to grow marijuana. Most patients, because of the amount of dispensaries, don't live far enough from their dispensaries to be allowed to grow. Many patients believe that law needs to be reformed, because they want to be able to grow their own and take on the costs and difficulties themselves.

With medical marijuana becoming more and more common place in our society, you can only assume its just a matter of time before patient and even recreational users will be allowed to grow their own crops of cannabis. Companies like Growers House in Tucson Arizona, believe this to be the case. Growers House sells all of the growing equipment you could need for growing either indoor or ourdoor marijuana, and deal with growers and dispensaries with grows on a daily basis to supply their grows. They speak with law makers, simply and macro growers so much, that they believe people will be able to have the freedom to grow their own in the very near future. We can only hope they are right, as the healing properties of this great plant should be available to everyone, whether they can afford to buy it, or grow it in their backyards.

Food For Thought
Some strains of marijuana don't produce much THC at all, but instead produce CBD. CBD is the most active ingredient in the anti inflamitory and cancer fighting aspects of medical marijuana.