Trump admin to lay off of marijuana users, even though Attourney General says he will crack down.

by RedLion Doctors

Posted on June 1, 2018

Trump has told the media he is going to "lay off of" medical and recreational pot users, even though his very own Attorney General vows to crack down on users of all kinds... So what's the truth?

NBC news has recently reported ( which you can read HERE that a Colorado senator has been told by Trump himself, that even though Jeff Sessions has reportedly vowed to crack down, he will change Jeff Session's mind and softer his stance on marijuana users. After every other misdirection or broken promise from Trump and his administration, are we sure we want to trust this reporting?

With the rise of medical marijuana dispensaries and patient IDs, our information is out there and has made it easy to crack down on medical users and their beloved dispensaries, so we are at their mercy if they decide to crack down in any ways. So a lot of recreational users and "illegal" type users are saying they don't want to try for their medical marijuana license, even if they very much are inside the guidelines of deserving one."It's possible they could come after us at any moment and ruin our business and patients lives at any split second," says a medical marijuana dispensary owner in Tucson Arizona.

We can only hope that Donald Trump does in fact intend to make this happen for the business and overall lifestyle of medical and recreational marijuana users. So much as gone into the industry as far as time, money and energy goes that it would be a waste of resources and time to go back on what we've already accomplished. We can only hope that the industry will continue to grow, regardless of what some naysayer will do and say. So long as we continue to grow, eventually it really will be too big to do anything about. The only thing we need to do, is get the remaining few states that haven't signed up for a medical or recreational program, to change their ways and let it happen! States like Georgia have such strict laws, parents have been recently separated from their children for treating seizures with CBD products, which is so obviously criminally insane, we need to put and end to it.

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Jack Harper
Its insane how much harm the government has done under the guise of "protecting our laws"
Commander Shepard
Brie Riley
Lets hope hes telling the truth!!
Commander Shepard
Agreed. Lets hope hes telling the truth!
Food For Thought
CBD products have been known to stop seizures in people AND animals.